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Chess Wizz is run by a former youth chess champion, Steven Bloom.

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Steven has had a passion for chess ever since the age of five when his grandfather taught him how to play. Steven's immediate love for chess helped carry him to become a top-ranked youth player in the country. With over five years of teaching 5000+ students, Steven has handcrafted the perfect chess course for kids of all ages. It's engaging, interactive, and a ton of fun. IT'S CHESS MADE SIMPLE.

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The mission of Chess Wizz is to bring the legacy of chess to a new generation in a way that is fun, engaging, and interactive, setting up students for long-term social and academic success.

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These are the core values that Chess Wizz would like to see not only in their students but also in itself.

  • We will always be striving for self-improvement

  • In-game and out, we will always show good sportsmanship which is showing kindness and thinking of others first always.

  • Everything that we do will be accomplished with our best effort and a good attitude.

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